Making Technology Affordable


Redtruck Technology Solutions is a small company dedicated to serving small business, home offices, residential homeowners and tenants, and grassroots everyday people. 

We provide complete help for people that require conservative and cost conscious solutions to their short-term or long-term technology needs. 

We are located virtually online with headquarters in Naples Florida.  Redtruck’s focus covers a wide array of development, installation and support services including, training, technical documentation, Digital content, website design, and surveillance security.


With the constant need for training in an ever-growing technical world, Redtruck is ready to build all manner of training protocols on your preferred training platform.  With constant shrinking schedules and timetables for longer and more complex learning curves, we use only the most modern approach to training development so when you are ready to launch, so are your employee’s.

Redtruck can provide standalone modules, or instructor led modules that include Student Guides, Instructor Guides, with or without Laboratory Guides.  Courses are developed using an elastic design methodology incorporating the best tools available.

If it’s technical documentation that is needed, Redtruck can work with developers, engineers and all subject matter experts along with testbed hardware if necessary to create and publish for commercial use.  We use Ingram Spark or Amazon Kindle Direct publishing to bring projects to life.


In a world where more and more events are finding their way onto a virtual medium, Redtruck can design, develop, setup and execute your streaming event onto any media platform.     

Develop a trained staff or let us provide the necessary support on an ongoing basis. If it’s a onetime event, we can have a team ready at a moment’s notice.

Need your project archived or developed into a distributable product on a DVD? Using Camtasia or Wondershare Filmora, we can turn your event into a permanent record.

Web Development

Are you ready to put your small business on the map?  Do you have an idea for a Web Blog, or Photo Gallery? Maybe you’re ready to open an ecommerce store front.  Getting your entity out on the World Wide Web is essential in this fast moving economy that never rests.

Using WordPress Internet Content Management System, an open source, website development tool, used on millions of active, successful web sites today, Redtruck can bring your ideas to life in a very short time.

From drawing board to launch, we can have you up and running in days.


Using the latest in Network Video Recording (NVR) technology, secure your commercial or residential property safely and economically.

NVR provides power over Ethernet (POE) capability to a full array of security camera possibilities.  Firewalled and secure against intrusion from outside sources. Far more secure than wireless.

Redtruck will handle your entire project from site survey to installation to administration.  Final delivery includes server administration training.

A very professional application of HD video security at an amazingly affordable cost.  Experience surveillance previously only accessible at a 

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